Schedule for Applications in Cultural Evolution

June 5-8, Tartu, Estonia

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June 5, Pre-conference workshops

10.15   Parallel workshops. Part 1
    N. Gontier - Epistemology of the Cultural and Linguistic Evolutionary Sciences 1 (Ülikooli 16-104)
    J. Tehrani - Phylomemetics – the descent with modification of culture 1 (Jakobi 2-106)
    K. Tylén - Experimental Semiotics - Investigating the emergence of novel sign systems 1 (Jakobi 2-428)
12.15     Lunch break

13.45   Parallel workshops. Part 2
    N. Gontier - Epistemology of the Cultural and Linguistic Evolutionary Sciences 2 (Ülikooli 16-104)
    J. Tehrani - Phylomemetics – the descent with modification of culture 2 (Jakobi 2-106)
    K. Tylén - Experimental Semiotics - Investigating the emergence of novel sign systems 2 (Jakobi 2-428)

15.45    End of workshops
16-18    Tour of Tartu (meet at 16.00 at central square fountain)
19.00    Pre-conference meet-up (gathering at 19.00 at central square fountain)

June 6, Conference
Location: Näituse 2, room 102

09.00     Registration
10.00     Opening/welcome
10.15     Keynote: Jamie Tehrani - Languages, Genes and Folktales: the Plot Thickens (moderator Oleg Sobchuk)
11.15     Coffee
11.45     Session 1 (chair Terhi Honkola)
               E. Gjesfjeld - Modeling patterns of macroevolution in modern and ancient technologies
               A.V. Jiménez, J. Stubbersfield & J. Tehrani - “The dipherpox controversy”: The cultural evolution of a vaccine-related narrative and its influence in vaccine decisions
12.45     Lunch break
14.15     Session 2 (chair Ezequiel Koile)
               J. Winters, P. Kelly, H. Miton & O. Morin - Compression effects in the cultural evolution of the Vai script of West Africa
               S. Passmore & F. Jordan - A phylogenetic review of kinship terminology determinants
               P. Strimling, I. Vartanova, F. Jansson & K. Eriksson - Trends in public opinion explained by the moral psychology of liberals and conservatives
15.45     Break
16.15     Coffee (Location: Ülikooli 16, room 214)
16.15     Poster session (Location: Ülikooli 16, room 214)
               M. De Barra - Why is folk medical knowledge rarely useful? Lessons from online medical product reviews.
               K. Konsa - Creating our own cultures: evolution of artificial cultures
               A. Kulikauskas - A universal grammar of games as the basis for language and human culture
               V. Mikheev - Professional biographies of current bishops of Russian Orthodox Church (1965-2017): dynamics of factors for career development
               R. Miśta - Spatial dimension of transmission of folk tunes
               T. Müller & J. Winters - Homogeneity and structure in the emergence and evolution of visual art: The cultural evolution of compressed, interdependent artworks in Reddit Place
               O. Sobchuk & P. Tinits - Films become more complex: three case studies
               P. Tinits & S. Hartmann - Social learning of knowledge representations in Wikipedia
               R. Veede - Cultural evolution in Wikipedia: A case study in the evolution of social epistemology
19.00     Welcome reception at Restaurant Pööre under Atlantis 

June 7, Conference
Location: Näituse 2, room 102

09.30     Keynote: Nathalie Gontier - Cultural Evolution and Explanatory Pluralism: The Applied Evolutionary Epistemological Approach (moderator Riin Kõiv)
10.30     Coffee
11.00     Session 1 (chair Micheal De Barra)
               M. Derex, J.-F. Bonnefon, R. Boyd & A. Mesoudi - Investigating the effects of social information on individuals’ ability at refining and understanding a physical system
               A. Karjus - Selection above the baseline: quantifying the advection effect in four domains of cumulative culture
               T. Honkola - Environmental differences contribute to divergence of dialect groups
12.30     Lunch break
14.00     Keynote: Kristian Tylén - The cumulative cultural evolution of prehistoric symbolic behavior (moderator Peeter Tinits)
15.00     Session 2 (chair Artjoms Shelya)
               B. Pavlek & O. Morin - Heads and Tails: the informational value of Greek coinage and its evolution (650–336 BCE)
               L.A. Scanlon, A. Lobb, J. Tehrani & J.R. Kendal - Social learning errors and the evolution of material culture: cognitive factors affecting forms of granny and reef knots
16.00     Coffee
16.30     Flash talks (moderator Peeter Tinits)
               K. Baraghith - Linking micro- and macrolevel models of the cultural evolution of language: From graph theory to game theory
               V. Furs - New possibilities of storytelling in the new media era
               K. Kruup - Online culture in an evolutionary pressure cooker
               D. Learmouth - Creating and analysing a database of Australian ritual
               M. Mets - What experimental semiotics teaches us about conventionalization of graphical sign systems
               E. Milyakina - Modern U.S. sitcom: Crisis of the genre and prospects of evolution
               H. Miton & O. Morin - A Zipfian effect in heraldry?
               M. Tita - The evolution of disease narratives in Italy and Western world: how people keeps on reacting to danger with stories
               M. Youngblood - The cultural transmission of sampling traditions in a network of musical collaborators
18.15      Informal dinner reservations at Restaurant Aparaat (book a seat here).
20.00 - ...  Evening gathering at Culture Bar Arhiiv.

June 8, Conference
Location: Lossi 36, room 214

09.30     Session 1 (chair Jeremy Kendal)
               A. Jon-And, M. Parkvall & A. Funcke - Is language less cumulative than other culture? Indicators of breakdown and build-up of complexity in pidgins, creoles and non-contact languages
               L. Kanger - Is Cultural Evolution useful for Science, Technology & Innovation Studies? An outsider perspective
               M. Youngblood & D. Lahti - A bibliometric analysis of the interdisciplinary field of cultural evolution
11.00     Coffee
11.30     Discussion: Q & A about Cultural Evolution (moderator Oleg Sobchuk)
               Panel: Nathalie Gontier, Jamie Tehrani, Kristian Tylén
12.30     Lunch break
13.30     Session 2 (chair Anna Jon-And)
               G. Martini - Cinderella: evolutionary approach to the study of folktales
               A. Shelya - The success of the shortest literary forms: why did poetry became small?
               D. Learmouth - Reconstructing Australian rock art history
               D. Skorinkin & F. Fischer - Measuring the ‘epification’ of drama
15.30     Coffee
16.00     Session 3 (chair Andres Karjus)
               P. Tureček, J. Slavík, M. Kozák & J. Havlíček - Changes in adaptation dynamics in systems with non-particulate inheritance
               J. Michaud - Modelling the micro dynamics of cultural traits
               E. Koile - Phylogeography of the Bantu expansion
17.30     Closing up