Cultural Evolution: Arts, Languages, Technologies. A meeting in cultural evolution on June 5-8, 2018


Applications in Cultural Evolution: Arts, Languages, Technologies is a 4-day cultural evolution meeting planned to take place in Tartu, Estonia, in June 5-8. On June 5, there are introductory workshops from the plenary speakers. June 6-8, the conference itself will take place. 

The focus of the conference is on applications of cultural evolution in various domains, their capabilities and comparisons. Contributions related to this in form of case studies, generalizations or meta- and methodological generalizations are welcome. Primarily, we aim to provide a venue for discussions on these matters can be developed in organized sessions and informal settings. Join us!


  • Conference is over.  Thanks for participating!
    • See recorded plenary lectures here, here, and here
    • See a twitter timeline here.
    • Some papers from the event will be collected under the call for Cultural Evolution papers here.
  • See the detailed schedule here.
  • Workshop contents are here.
  • Book of abstracts is here.