Plenary speakers

Nathalie GontierNathalie Gontier (University of Lisbon)

Nathalie Gontier is the Founding Director the Applied Evolutionary Epistemology Lab that is part of the Centre for Philosophy of Science at the Portuguese University of Lisbon. She has a background in both Philosophy and Anthropology, and holds a PhD in Philosophy of Science (Evolutionary Epistemology). She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Springer Nature Book Series Interdisciplinary Evolution Research. Her main interests include philosophy of evolutionary biology, applied evolutionary epistemology, anthropology of science, and origins and evolution of language.


Jamie Tehrani

Jamie Tehrani (Durham University)

Jamie Tehrani is Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology, in Durham University. He received his PhD in Anthropology at University College London. His current work focuses mainly on the transmission of popular narratives, such as traditional folktales, urban legends and modern day conspiracy theories. More generally, he is interested in cultural evolution of folklore and material culture, with particular focus on the application of phylogenetic methods to these subjects.


Kristian TylénKristian Tylén (Aarhus University)

Kristian Tylén, PhD is an Associate Professor in Cognitive Science affiliated with the Center for Semiotics and The Interacting Minds Center at Aarhus University, Denmark. His main research interests include language evolution, dialogue and collective problem solving, meaning-construction and the role of objects in human cognition, which he approaches from a broad range of research methods including behavioural experimentation, fMRI brain imaging, physiological measurements, statistical modeling as well as conceptual/theoretical analysis.